Selective licensing in Burnley could be extended

Burnley Town Hall
Burnley Town Hall
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Councillors will meet next week to decide whether to consult the public over proposals relating to selective licensing areas in Burnley.

Burnley Council’s Executive Committee is recommended to approve the consultation and evidence gathering to extend existing schemes in Trinity, Gannow and Queensgate, and to introduce a new scheme in Daneshouse with Stoneyholme.

The existing selective licensing schemes are due to end next year but the council is considering to extend them for a further five years.

If approved when the committee meets on July 3rd, the 11-week consultation, including resident and landlord questionnaires, a public event and leaflet distribution, would run from early September and the results would be fully considered before any final decision is made early next year.

Selective licensing encourages landlords and residents to work together with the council and other partners to improve areas by tackling anti-social behavior and crime and increase demand for housing.

Coun. John Harbour, the council’s Executive member for housing and leisure, said: “Poor management and low housing standards can cause the housing market in an area to fail. People vote with their feet, they leave the area and house prices fall. In the end the community becomes weaker and the quality of life for those remaining suffers.

“Selective licensing supports and encourages landlords to improve their management and property standards which in turn helps boost the housing market and encourage people to move into an area.

“We are looking at proposals to extend three existing selective licensing areas and create a new one but we won’t make any final decision until we have listened to local residents and landlords, and anyone else with an interest, and taken what they have to say fully into account.”