New faces in the Pendle Council chamber

There will be at least seven new faces in the Pendle Council chamber following May’s local elections.

By Edward Lee, Reporter
Friday, 5th April 2019, 12:56 pm
Updated Friday, 5th April 2019, 1:04 pm
Mayor of Pendle, Con. James Starkie
Mayor of Pendle, Con. James Starkie

Seven of the councillors due to retire by rotation have decided not to stand in the elections due to be held on May 2nd, and one of the others is leaving his Nelson seat to try and win in Colne.

Of the seven, one is the current leader of the council and leader of the Conservative group Coun. Paul White (Boulsworth).

And four of the others are recent Mayors of Pendle including the current incumbent Coun. James Starkie (Conservative, Higham and Pendleside), his predecessor Coun. David Whalley (Labour, Southfield) and other recent holders of the office Couns. Nawaz Ahmed (Conservative, Brierfield) and Graham Roach (Lib Dem, Waterside).

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The others not seeking re-election are Claire Teal (Lib Dem, Coates) and Morris Horsfield (Conservative, Earby). And Wayne Blackburn (Labour, Clover Hill) will not contest his seat, but is standing in the Horsfield ward in Colne.

In total, 17 of the current 49 seats are up for election with the Conservative and Labour parties contesting all of them, the Liberal Democrats nine and UKIP five – each of them fighting seats currently held by Conservative councillors.

The council is currently run by a Conservative administration with 25 of the 49 seats, Labour has 15 and the Liberal Democrats 9. There will be no elections this year in the Marsden, Walverden or Whitefield wards which only return two councillors each.



Crossley, Linda Margaret (Con)

Iqbal, Manzar (Lab)

Waddington, Mick (UKIP)

Blacko and Higherford

McEvoy, Noel (Conservative) Oliver, Robert Andrew (Lab)


Cockburn-Price, Sarah Elizabeth (Con)

Foat, David Kenneth (Lab)

McBeth, Craig Ian (UKIP)

Thomas, Mary Elizabeth (Lib Dem)


Aslam, Mohammad (Con)

Younis, Nadeem (Lab)


Ahmed, Aftab Fiaz (Con)

Shazad, Qamar (Labour)

Clover Hill

Ali, Zafar (Labour)

Pearson-Asher, Nigel (Con)


Clouston, Euan Robert (Lab)

Lyons, Ian James (Con)

Mills, Jayne Margaret (Lib Dem)


Ahmed, Omar (Lab)

Hartley, Kenneth (Lib Dem)

Lyons, Rebecca Louise (Con)


Carter, Colin (Con)

Cassidy, Jordan Dale (UKIP)

Haigh, Doris June (Lib Dem)

Khan, Robert Anthony (Lab)


French, Robert (Lab)

Waugh, Graham Robert (Con)

Higham and Pendleside

Lionti, Carlo (Con)

Nike, Susan (Lab)


Blackburn, Wayne (Lab)

Chamberlain, Anthony William (Lib Dem)

Nixon, Jonathan Andrew (Con)

Walker, Thomas Bradley (UKIP)

Old Laund Booth

Blackburn, Laura Michelle (Lab)

Hartley, Christopher Howard (Con)

Newman, Brian (Lib Dem)


Hanif, Mohammed (Lab)

McCormick, Pauline Anne (Con)


Adnan, Mohammed (Con)

Graham, Paul James (Lib Dem)

Tennant, Yvonne Marion (Lab)

Vivary Bridge

Clegg, David (Lib Dem)

Cooney, Joe (Con)

Hannah-Wood, Patricia Josephine (Lab)


Eastham, Donna (UKIP)

Harmson, Anthony (Lab) Mann, Alice Rosemary (Lib Dem)

Sutcliffe, Ash (Con)