MP calls for action on knife crime after teenage boy (15) stabbed in 'idyllic' Ribble Valley town

An MP has made an impassioned plea for action on knife crime after a 15-year-old boy was stabbed in Clitheroe yesterday

Thursday, 21st March 2019, 2:47 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st March 2019, 2:53 pm
MP Nigel Evans has called for action on knife crime after a teenager was stabbled in Clitheroe yesterday.

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans spoke in Parliament at Business Questions this morning just hours after the shocking incident took place last night just before 5pm.

The stabbing, which happened close to Greenacre Street, has left the community, which Mr Evans described as 'one of the most idyllic, wonderful towns to live in' shock.The MP has now called on the Home Office Minister to make a statement about what he called the 'repellent rise' in knife crime ahead of the planned debate due to take place in the House of Commons next week.

Mr Evans said: "If this can happen in a place like Clitheroe then that really does say we need to do


"Whether it’s through the schools, whether it’s through parents, whether it’s through greater

police numbers, whether it’s stop and search, whatever it is, all I know is that if we do nothing it is

going to rise even further.”

Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom said the issue of knife crime was an important one and several debates had been held recently.

She pointed out that the Chancellor announced in his spring statement that an extra £100 million would be made available for a short-term intervention to ensure that more police officers would be on duty through overtime to tackle the problem.

Ms Leadsom said: "We have a Serious Violence Strategy and a Serious Violence Task Force.

"We are bringing in the Offensive Weapons Bill to make it harder to get knives and within it there will be a knife crime prevention order which is absolutely vital.

"We are extending stop and search powers and we are also having a landmark review into drug misuse.

"So the government it taking action at every level, but ultimately we also have to look at prevention and perhaps the most important part is the government’s commitment to trying to ensure that younger people are not tempted into a life of knife crime.”