'Jeremy Corbyn was a big issue on the doorstep', says losing Labour councillor

Marcus Johnstone
Marcus Johnstone
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A disappointed Marcus Johnstone has said it is now time to move on after losing his county council seat to UKIP.

The Labour politician, who was Cabinet member for Planning, Environment and Cultural Services, lost his seat by 228 votes to Alan Hosker.

"Of course I am disappointed but it was always on the cards. Unfortunately I found that Jeremy Corbyn was a big issue on the doorstep.

"I'd like to thank though all the Labour voters who did support me. They are not to lose heart. Padiham will turn again. There is a history of this sort of thing happening in Padiham. And I'm very grateful for all the support I have had from the people of Padiham over the years."

Mr Johnstone was first elected to County Hall in 2001 but lost his seat in 2009 to the BNP before regaining it four years later.

"I've held a very high office at County Hall. I've been a member of the Cabinet since 2002. It's been a very interesting time but now it is time to move on. I am still a Burnley borough councillor for Rosegrove and Lowerhouse and I have every intention of staying there.

"My term of office runs for another three years and I will continue to serve the people as best I can."