Former MP Gordon retires

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Former Burnley MP Gordon Birtwistle is looking forward to putting his feet up and spending his children’s inheritance after stepping down from parliamentary politics.

The 74-year-old Liberal Democrat candidate, who represented the town for five years from 2010, said the time was right after finishing third with 6,046 votes.

Gordon Birtwistle is retiring from parliamentary politics

Gordon Birtwistle is retiring from parliamentary politics

“We have been squeezed out. I didn’t expect anything else to be honest.

“When Theresa May became Prime Minister, the party asked me if I would stand again if there was a snap election. I said I would up until May 31st, 2017, after that, no. I’m 74 years old, I should be retiring from this. And then she called it on May 21st. So I said I would stand.

"We still campaigned hard, knocked on a lot of doors and handed out a lot of leaflets. But it was difficult out there. It’s been an uphill battle with the people of Burnley voting leave and the national party pushing for another referendum, which I didn’t agree with."

A ward councillor for Coal Clough with Deerplay, he doesn’t have any plans to walk away from local politics just yet.

“I wanted to do 40 years in politics and I have done 35 so hopefully I can do another five.

“Nationally though I have seen my last election ballot box emptied. I would like to thank my family and my team for standing by me over the years. I really enjoyed my time as MP, it was a great honour.

“I am ready to put my feet up now and spend the kids’ inheritance.”