Election and mayoral referendum counts set to get underway

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The polls have closed and the votes are waiting to be counted in the county council elections as well as Burnley's mayoral referendum.

Results from both counts are expected this afternoon.

The polls have closed and the votes are in

The polls have closed and the votes are in

The county elections will decide all 84 seats on the council.

The borough has six county council divisions, each with one seat. The current political make-up is Burnley Central East (Lab); Burnley Central West (Lab); Burnley North East (Lab); Burnley Rural (Lib Dem); Burnley South West (Lib Dem); Padiham and Burnley West (Lab).

The mayoral referendum will decide whether Burnley will have a paid for directly elected mayor to replace the current position of council leader.

Critics have branded the process a 'waste of money' while Mr Geoffrey Berg, who started the petition for the referendum said a directly elected mayor would give the people of Burnley a bigger say in who runs their town.

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