Businessman named as Brexit Party candidate for Burnley

A businessman has been selected as the Brexit Party's prospective parliamentary candiate for Burnley and Padiham.

Stewart Scott
Stewart Scott

Stewart Ian Scott will contest the Burnley and Padiham constituency in the next General Election against incumbent, Labour MP Julie Cooper.

Although the country will officially not be having a General Election until May, 2022, uncertainty surrounding Brexit has prompted many political commentators to believe there may be one called before that date.

Stewart, who now lives in Baxenden, grew up in Rishton and moved to Burnley in 1979 when his parents bought an off-licence on Myers Street near to Duke Bar where the family lived for a few years.

He owns Qsam Ltd, currently based at Network 65, Hapton.

Stewart said: “I’m not university educated but I'm experienced in business and life.

“I’ve moved around the area quite a bit and my businesses have mainly been based in Burnley and Rosegrove. We work mainly in the energy and charity sectors and have raised much needed funds for well known charities and hospices across Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cumbria, creating many decent jobs.

“I think that those life experiences would help me bring a common sense pragmatic approach to being an MP. It’s about time that we were represented by people who lead ordinary lives, rather than those who have just moved from university, to PR, then to politics, with little experience of life as it is lived by the vast majority.

“I have been watching Burnley Football Club since I was very young and not missed many games since Wembley 2009, I love the club, fans and the town very much.


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“I grew up a Labour supporter until Blair put me off for life. Now I look at Jeremy Corbyn and co. Today Labour are even less recognisable compared to the party I once supported.

“I felt I must do something to ensure the biggest democratic vote in UK history is implemented because whether you voted leave or remain it is essential that our vote counts and we get the result we voted for.

"I can feel in my stomach that the Conservatives will let us down again and try to give us Brexit in name only, BRINO.

“So I decided to stand for the Brexit Party. I am proud to have done so. The country needs to be ready for when that betrayal happens.


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“The great people of Burnley and Padiham voted 66.6% in favour of Leave.That’s 28,864 on a 44,316 turnout. In 2017 Labour’s received 18,842 votes and won.

“If you really believe in Brexit and democracy it can be done. Today Labour are now a remain party, senior Labour figures have said they don’t want people to vote for them if they support Brexit. Well so be it.

"They have given up their right to be supported, and they cannot be allowed to continue to assume that the people of Burnley and Padiham will continue to walk quietly to the ballot box and support them when they have become the party of remain.

“We don't know the date of the General Election yet but I suspect it will be soon so look out for me around and about and tell me how you feel about the issues in your area and what you think about the mess the current MPs have got us into.”