Burnley UKIP councillor accused of sharing 'Islamophobic' video

Coun. Alan Hosker
Coun. Alan Hosker
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A Burnley Borough Council UKIP councillor is being investigated by the council after a complaint was made that he shared an Islamophobic video on his official Facebook page.

Coun. Alan Hosker, who became the first UK Independence Party councillor to be elected to the council in 2015, is alleged to have shared a Unity News Network video from the recent Tommy Robinson protest in London, which contained offensive Islamophobic chanting.

The complaint was made by fellow Hapton with Park ward councillor, Labour’s Joanne Greenwood, after she was made aware of the video by a resident of the ward.

She said: “The video was brought to my attention by an upset resident. It is irresponsible, shameful and despicable to be peddling these bigoted views. He is a law unto himself.”

Coun. Hosker, who also became the first UKIP Lancashire County Councillor when he was elected to the Padiham and Burnley West seat last year, has accused Labour of a "witch hunt".

Coun. Hosker said: “This is not the first time a Labour councillor has filed a complaint against me or my team. They’ve already spent over £1,000 of taxpayers’ money on these investigations and for what? It is unfortunate that Burnley Labour cannot get me at the ballot box so I expect these witch hunts will continue.”

A council spokesman said: “The council understands the offence this post has created and condemns the Islamophobic sentiments in the video in the strongest possible manner. A complaint has been received that is being investigated by the council’s monitoring officer.”