Burnley Tory party members are backing Boris in race to become leader

Conservative voters in Burnley appear to be backing Boris in the race to become the next party leader and Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson MP
Boris Johnson MP

The Burnley Conservative Group created a poll on its official Facebook page last week asking local members to vote for their preference out of the two remaining candidates, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt.

And bookies' favourite, Boris Johnson came out on top among Burnley Tories taking part in the poll with an overwhelming 79% voting for the pro-Brexiteer.

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Tory MPs in Burnley's two neighbouring boroughs, Pendle's Andrew Stephenson and Rossendale's Jake Berry, have both also publically backed Johnson.

Coun. Dale Ferrier, the chairman of the Burnley Conservatives Association, said: "Firstly, associations themselves are not permitted to back a particular candidate, individuals can however.

"From the membership who have voiced their preference, a good number currently are remaining quite neutral. However, more seem to be in support of Boris Johnson, and a few in support of Jeremy Hunt.

"I think the main reason is obviously Brexit, and many of our local members feel that Boris is better placed to achieve that. Regarding Jeremy Hunt, the phrase I've heard used from local members is that he is Theresa May in trousers.

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"I think a lot of local members feel politics has gone a bit stale and that Boris can change things."

Coun. Ferrier also pointed out that the association officers including himself, the vice chairs and treasurer are officially neutral as per their obligations.