Burnley MP speaks up for older carers

Burnley MP Julie Cooper has met with older people from across the country at an event in Parliament to hear the struggles which older carers face trying to care for their loved ones.

Julie Cooper MP
Julie Cooper MP

The event focused on older people’s views of social care and is part of Age UK’s campaign for a better social care system.

The reception was a chance for MPs to meet with older people to discuss how best to improve the care system to address these problems.

Mrs Cooper said: "This issue is now urgent. The Government has announced yet another consultation but of course the information about flaws in the present system is well-known and carers need the Government to take note and take action now.

"The carers here today have spoken clearly and from the heart. They feel that no-one cares for the carers, particularly when they themselves are older and have described some desperate situations which are quite simply wrong.


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"No-one should feel forgotten, least of all those who are doing a vital job, and are fully deserving of our support. I hope that the Government really have listened today but warm words are one thing, what we need to see now is change for the better and quickly."