Burnley MP calls for ban on animal fur imports

Julie Cooper MP
Julie Cooper MP
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Burnley MP Julie Cooper has said a Labour Government would ban the import and sale of animal fur.

The Labour MP was talking after she added her name to a petition, signed by 100,000 people, calling for a ban.

Debates about what constitutes cruelty to animals regularly feature in Parliament.

In recent years, MPs have debated everything from fox hunting to circus animals, the trade in puppies and prison sentences for individuals found guilty of acts of cruelty.

In 2000 animal fur farms were banned in the UK by an act of Parliament but still each year the UK imports over £50m. worth of animal fur for the fashion industry. Some of this comes from animals that are caught in traps but the majority from farms where animals are farmed for their fur.

Mrs Cooper said: "There is no such thing as kind fur farming, at the very best animals are crammed into tiny cages for their entire life before being gassed or electrocuted and then skinned.

"In the worst cases animals such as mink, chinchilla and foxes gnaw at each other, their injures are untreated and their misery only ends when they are kicked or stamped to death.

"By allowing the fur to be imported and sold in the UK we are supporting this horrendous cruelty. We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers.

"I am really disgusted that the Conservative Government is still refusing to introduce a ban. The next Labour Government will introduce a ban as part of our manifesto for animal welfare."