Police 'sting' white Mercedes after spate of anti-social early-hours driving

The car was stopped after being 'stung'.
The car was stopped after being 'stung'.
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Having turned to the "stinger", police have finally managed to stop a car which had been driving in an anti-social manner over the last two nights in the Burnley area.

Having failed to stop for authorities, police were forced to deploy a spike strip, a device used to impede vehicles by puncturing their tires, in order to prevent the driver from putting "themselves, but more importantly, other road users at risk."

Police claim the car - a white Mercedes - had been evading their efforts to apprehend it by "making off at high speed on numerous occasions," over the course of two nights. The incidents took place mainly around the Colne Raod area but also stretched further afield.

"In the early hours of this morning [January 14th], the vehicle was successfully 'stung' by Team 5 officers and has since been removed from the road," read a comment from police. "Just one of the many things we do to keep our roads safe."