Police probe as anti-fascism group removes BNP wreath from Nelson memorial

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CAMPAIGNERS from Pendle United Against Fascism have been condemned as extremists after removing a BNP wreath from the war memorial site in Nelson.

The annual Holocaust Memorial Day was held on Wednesday at the new Memorial Square outside Nelson Library as a Vigil for Peace.

But members from Pendle United Against Fascism caused uproar when they removed a wreath left by the British National Party.

Richard MacSween, of PUAF, said: "The BNP have left a wreath and we have removed it because we don't approve of fascism."

The group said they were "outraged" by the political party's gesture to lay down a wreath, and said they were going to actively campaign against them.

But Coun. George Adam, from the Nelson and District branch of the Royal British Legion, said: "I'm annoyed - they have no right to remove that wreath. The BNP is a legitimate political party and they have a right to put down a memorial wreath just as any other members of the public do."

He continued: "The PUAF have done that without any explanation, so who is the fascist?"

Coun. Brian Parker, of the BNP, condemned the group's actions, saying: "It is disgusting and it's theft.

"Coun. Adam Grant was the one who laid the wreath and he himself has been in the Army. We have had trouble with this extreme group before and anybody who approves their views is deliberately planning to make the British a minority. Our group is all for parliamentary democracy."

Coun. Adam said: "Doing things like this just incites problems."

Nelson police said they were looking into the matter.