Police officer trapped after freak fall outside pub

A POLICE officer suffered serious head injuries after a freak fall outside a Burnley pub.

The off-duty officer slipped down stone steps at the front of the Inn on the Wharf in Manchester Road on Friday night and his head became wedged under a vehicle on the car park.

Firefighters were called in and had to haul the one-tonne Ford Ka off the Burnley-based officer at 10-40 p.m.

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There were serious fears for the health of the officer, who has not been named, after he fell unconscious and was bleeding heavily from his head.

Once he was pulled from beneath the vehicle he was rushed to the Royal Blackburn Hospital. A spokesman for the North-West Ambulance Service said: “The male had fallen down the stairs and hit his head on a car. He was taken to hospital on ‘standby’ which means it is serious. His injuries could have been life-threatening.”

However, his condition improved over the weekend and he was transferred to the Royal Preston Hospital.

A police spokesman said: “He is in hospital and is awake and talking. I think he is going to be there for the next day or two. He is OK and I think the worst is over.”

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