Police chase video: The full route

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A banned driver led police on a 20-minute chase through the streets on Burnley, Brierfield and Nelson in the dark in January, snaking his way through a maze of terraced streets and along busy main roads.

‘Criminal kingpin’ and banned driver Munir Hussain, from Brierfield, was driving an old white van as he fled from a police BMW after officers tried to stop him to tell him he hadn’t got his lights on.

Driving through Daneshouse

Driving through Daneshouse

As he starts a jail sentence, here’s the full, unedited version of that police chase which took in a warren of tight, terraced streets, back allies and main roads throughout the Burnley, Brierfield and Nelson area as Hussain tries to throw off his pursuers.

Can you spot the landmarks on his route? Did he pass through your neighbourhood? Or along your street? Let us know what streets he’s been down near you ....

Want to see an edited, minute-long version of the police chase? Here’s the link www.burnleyexpress.net/news/dramatic-video-police-chase-through-streets-1-7146399