Police appeal after Burnley fisherman assaulted in Preston

Burnley police station
Burnley police station
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A FISHERMAN from Burnley was left feeling “battered and bruised” after being assaulted by a group of teenagers.

The 39-year-old was coarse fishing in Mellings Wood, in Preston, when he was robbed on August 26th. The offenders took the victim’s fishing equipment, as well as some personal items.

Now police are appealing for witnesses to step forward, and, in particular, to anyone who knows the whereabouts of the stolen coarse fishing equipment.

DC Hazra Patel from Preston CID said: “The victim was punched in the face and hit in his ribs with a stick. Fortunately he was not badly injured but this was a nasty attack and we need the public’s help to catch the people responsible.”

The teenagers are described as being white men, aged between 17 and 18-years-old, slim build, wearing tracksuit bottoms tucked into their socks and hooded tops. It is unknown how many were present. They left the area towards Fishwick Golf Club.

On a fishing forum, a “violent mugging report” has been published, coming from the perspective of the victim. It is said that the person who posted the report is not the victim.

It reads: “I heard ‘Giz a go with your rod’ or ‘Giz us your rod’.

“I turned and looked up to see four youths with hoodys and tracksuits tucked into their socks.

“I politely declined and carried on fishing. They then said ‘You didn’t hear me properly, now give me your rod’.

“Next minute there was a flash of light and I’d been punched on the right cheek from behind.

“Then I felt a sharp pain to my ribs and toppled to the ground. The bruises suggest this was a large branch as you can see the wood knots in the bruises across my ribs.

“This is the second incident I’ve heard within 18 months of robbery on the Ribble (Elston last time), so please all, if you fish in ‘public’ waters take care and fish in pairs if need be.

“I’m a young (ish) guy and got away with a swollen face, black eye, bruised nose and a large log shaped bruise across the ribs (and a very dented pride).

“I’m battered and bruised but ok, my fear is had It been a man in his 70s he could be dead.”

Anyone with information should contact DC Patel at Preston CID on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.