Police advise public to stay away from Pendle Hill as ambulance is blocked by traffic

Police have issued advice for people to stay away from Pendle Hill as the snowy weather conditions worsen.

Pendle Hill
Pendle Hill

The advice was given when police also revealed that an ambulance had become stuck in the area with a patient on board because of the sheer volume of people and vehicles blocking access for emergency services.

A police statement said: "As we are now in Tier 4, this means essential travel journeys only."

Police also advised anyone sledging to stay away from private land and have respect for local farmers.

Meanwhile, the A59 at Clitheroe was also experiencing difficult driving conditions.

PC Nigel Keates said: "Would sightseers please stay away from the villages surrounding Pendle Hill.

"The roads are atrocious and parking on the country lanes is inconsiderate at best.

"Today on Pendle Hill, mountain rescue has had to obtain assistance from the ambulance service to transport a patient, and the ambulance had great difficulty getting in and out taking up more time and resources and potentially putting patients at risk.

"Please consider the necessity to go sledging.

"A request has been made for the council to limit access to the area purely because people cannot be responsible and considerate.

"Many of those parking have been selfish and the trip unnecessary."