Pint sized Burnley boy Jaxon makes record books as youngest person to conquer Britain's highest mountains

Pint sized Jaxon Krzysik has earned himself a place in history by becoming the youngest person to conquer Britain's highest mountains.. at the age of three!

Tuesday, 9th July 2019, 4:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th July 2019, 5:45 pm
Little Jaxon Krzysik, who has become the youngest person to climb Britain's highest mountains, with his dad Cal.

The first mountain Jaxon scaled was Scafell Pike in April with his dad, Cal, and after that there was no stopping the dynamic duo who then added Snowdon in Wales and Ben Nevis in Scotland to their list in the last three months.

Cal (29) said: "It all happened when we were near Scafell Pike and I wondered if Jaxon would be able tackle it.

"We set off and he managed it no problem so then I wondered about doing the other two to complete the Three Peaks Challenge."

Little Jaxon is on top of the world quite literallty!

Ready to tackle Ben Nevis Cal, who runs his own business CKI Recruitment, admits his heart sank when they set off and Jaxon complained a few minutes in that his legs were tired!

Cal added: "He did complain that he wouldn't be able to carry on but after that he just powered through and got on with it like the real little star that he is."

As soon as the father and son reached the top they were greeted by other climbers, who had completed the challenge, clapping and cheering.

The duo climbed Ben Nevis in June as Cal wanted to Jaxon to complete the 'three at three' challenge before his fourth birthday next month.

And for each mountain he climbed Jaxon brought home a rock home as a souvenir of his trip for his mum, Ashleigh Williams, and baby sister Pippa who is just eighteen-months-old.

Cal added: "Jaxon loves everything about climbing, he is in his element climbing on rocks but he also loves the camping side of the adventure as he has his own little head torch, he just loves it."

Jaxon made his first mountain ascent when he was just a baby on his dad's back and while he loves the climbing up bit he often has to be carried back.

Cal, who describes mountain climbing as his 'passion' has conquered around 20 peaks in the last five years so he has the experience to cope with a toddler in tow.

He said: "My bag is always packed with all the essential equipment and gear and I always check the weather forecast ahead to make sure the conditions are fit for climbing.

"Taking a three-year-old up a mountain is not something that can be done lightly."

Along with making the record books, Jaxon, who has completed 20 hours of walking under his own steam, covering 23 miles and climbing a total of 10,052ft, has raised the grand total of £800 for the charity Cerebra, a charity that helps brain injured children.

And this is all in memory of Jaxon's little pal, Ralph Rowlands who died at the age of two in 2017 after suffering brain damage. Ralph was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at just two weeks old after he suffered brain damage when he was starved of oxygen at birth.

The little boys first met at Giant Leap Nursery, where Ashleigh works as a manager, and a unique bond was formed even though Ralph was unable to speak or walk.

Cal said: "Before he met Ralph, Jaxon was very quiet but when he met Ralph he totally changed.

"They forged a true friendship and Jaxon would come home and tell us what he and Ralph had done that day, he really came out of himself and became so confident and happy.

"Jaxon understands that Ralph is now in the sky and that the fund raising we have done is to help poorly boys an girls.

"Jaxon really is a great little boy with a lovely nature and he is so kind and caring.

"We could not be more proud of him."