Young Burnley mum makes heartfelt appeal for return of lost phone containing images of her newborn son

A first time Burnley mum is appealing for the return of her phone that contains thousands of photographs of her newborn baby.

Mia Flynn and Josh Astin with their son Max who is nine weeks old.
Mia Flynn and Josh Astin with their son Max who is nine weeks old.

Mia Flynn and her partner, Josh Astin, are offering a cash reward for the safe return of the phone so they can retrieve irreplaceable photographs of their son Max who was born nine weeks ago.

The phone was lost in the car park at Burnley's Asda store last Sunday (April 26th) as the couple were leaving after a shopping trip.

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Mia (21) placed the phone, an iPhone 8 Plus, on the roof of the car while she changed Max's nappy in the back of the vehicle.

Baby Max Astin

She completely forgot it was there and it was only when they got home and Mia could not find her phone she realised what had happened.

Josh raced back to the store but there was no trace of the phone. The distraught couple had to wait until the next day to contact Asda and were crestfallen to be told it had not been handed in so they reported it to the police.

Mia said: "The phone has literally thousands of pictures of Max on from the day he was born and none of them are backed up as I ran out of storage.

"I am not bothered about the phone, I just want my photographs back."

The rose gold phone had a clear case and the initials M and J on it. The screensaver was a picture of baby Max.

Anyone who has any information is asked to ring Josh on 07488487333.