Video: Extract from meeting to axe Colne blues festival as petition gathers pace

The petition to save Colne's iconic Great British and Rhythm Blues Festival has garnered more than 5,000 signatures.

As revealed by the Burnley Express and Leader Times Newspapers, Colne Town Council voted last week to permanently cancel the popular festival which has attracted thousands ofmsuic fans from all over the world to Colne in the past 30 years.

A petition set up by Carl Allen on has now attracted 5,240 signatures.

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Carl said: "The town council cancelled the festival indefinitely in a behind closed doors meeting. This has caused outrage among the towns people and could cost local businesses huge losses in revenue and customers who they rely on over the Blues weekend.

The blues festival has been permanently cancelled

"The festival brings in visitors, musicians and fans from all over the world to our beautiful little town. The atmosphere is always electric the music is fantastic and the people are so friendly.

"To cancel this festival as they have makes no sense and will hurt the town in possibly an unrepairable way."

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The controversial decision was taken at the latest full meeting of Colne Town Council, an extract from which can be viewed above.

To view the petition visit