Here is a round up of petrol and diesel prices you will pay in Burnley this week

This is where to find the cheapest petrol in Burnley today as prices reach all-time high

Burnley motorists continue to feel the pinch as UK petrol and diesel prices set a new record of 178.5p a litre today, increasing by 0.6p in just 24 hours.

By Sue Plunkett
Tuesday, 7th June 2022, 1:54 pm

The price of diesel has also increased to an average price of 185.2p a litre. It is the third time in six days that a new high has been hit.

With supply of fuel slowing down in recent weeks due to bottlenecks at refineries across the world, and soaring oil prices triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, experts are warning that petrol prices are likely to continue increasing.

Prices at the pump have been hitting record highs every few days in recent weeks.

Here is a round up of prices you will pay at the pumps for your fuel in Burnley. The top price you will pay for petrol is £191.9p and £189.9p for diesel. The cheapest for petrol is £171.7p and £180.9p for diesel.

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