Survey: 95% of people in the North West are sleep deprived

A new study by an online pharmacy has revealed that people in the North West are sleep deprived, with only 5% getting the NHS-recommended eight hours per night.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 20th September 2018, 11:21 am
Updated Thursday, 20th September 2018, 11:27 am
Are you getting enough sleep?
Are you getting enough sleep?

Data collected by Manchester-based Chemist 4 U shows that on average, adults in the region get around six hours, 23 minutes of sleep each night, leading an overwhelming 72% of people in the North West to claim they feel they need more time between the sheets.

Just one in 10 people insist they wake up feeling recuperated, with the main reasons for poor quality sleep being listed as stress (27%) closely followed by noise (12%) and their other half (6.5%), while the worst traits in a snoozing partner were snoring and taking up too much space in bed. One in three couples even admitted to sleeping in separate beds to get more shuteye every now and again.

“Sleep plays an important role in both bodily and brain functions, and a lack of it can cause stress, a lack of productivity, and change in mood as well as more serious health conditions," said Shamir Patel, pharmacist at Chemist 4 U.

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Over half of those surveyed from the North West claim to have had sleep issues in the past, 30% citing insomnia, 13% sleep paralysis, and 13% sleep walking, while more than one in four say they have previously turned to sleeping pills to solve the issue.

Surprisingly, more than half of the people surveyed said that they spent no time looking at their emails, browsing the internet, looking at social media, or watching TV in bed each week, with Shamir saying: "The people of the North West are acknowledging the advantages of ‘switching off’ while in bed and are taking vital steps to improve their sleeping patterns.”