Stunning stained glass nativity display at Burnley village church is a real festive attraction

A church has lit up Christmas with its own stained-glass window representation of the nativity that has become the focal point of a village.

And 23 homes in Cliviger have followed suit and created their own festive window displays to complement Mount Zion Church's impressive creations.

Martin Ashby-Smith, one of the church leaders, said: "We wanted to give the village an 'Advent Adventure.'

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“There have been 23 homes in the area who have an ADVENTure window display – mostly using tissue paper to produce a stained-glass window effect – and people in the village have had fun looking for them and taking pictures and posting them on facebook.

Martin and Susan Ashby hard at work creating the stained glass effect advent window at Mount Zion Church in Cliviger

A selection of Christmas themed painted pebbles have also been hidden around the village for people to find while out walking and bring them back to the church in time for Christmas Day.

Martin’s wife, Susan, designed the twenty fourth window in the church – a massive depiction of Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus.

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Susan said: “We wanted to make sure that Jesus was the centre of the Christmas festivities and that this would be the final window in the series.

"The window, lit at night, is becoming popular with sightseers."

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Susan's beautiful advent display has become a real pull for visitors at Mount Zion Church in Cliviger