Star students notch up 100% pass rate in GCSEs

A Whalley school is celebrating after achieving a 100% pass rate in English and Maths in this year's GCSE results.

Friday, 9th September 2016, 4:03 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 4:03 pm
Students celebrate their outstanding GCSE results at Oakhill School, Whalley

Results at Oakhill School are the best ever with 93% of students achieving A* to C. The B-A* pass rate was 68% which indicates the quality and results and hard work put in by pupils and staff.The school in Wiswell Lane was also riding high as teaching has been graded as excellent by Ofsted inspectors.Headteacher Mrs Carmel Crouch said: “I am absolutely thrilled with this year’s results.“All the pupils did well but some did extremely well with one pupil achieving A* in every subject.“Oakhill may be a small school but we have big ambitions for our pupils and these have been realised in out best every GCSE results. “Congratulations to all our pupils and staff on their well earned success.”The results are as follows: Jessica Chatburn el-b, ma A, sc AA, re A, sp A, ar A*, mu B, hi A*. Jack Connolly el C, ma B, sc DC, fr D, bs C, dt E, pe D. Lucy Fielden el C, eli D, ma C, sc C, re E, pe A, gg C. Katie Hayes el C, ma B, bi B, ch B, ph B, re C, ar C, gg A. Millie Higham el B, eli A, ma C, sc BB, re A, sp B, ar C, hi B. Jack Hodder el B, eli B, ma A, sc BA, re A, fr C, la B, pe A, hi A.* Olivia Mantle el C, eli C, ma C, sc DC, re C, bs C. Jacob McHugh el C, ma C, sc BB, re B, ar C, pe A, gg A. Liam Paul el C, eli C, ma B, sc CB, re C, sp C, dt C, ar D, mu B. Milly Richardson el B, eli B, ma A, sc BB, re B, sp B, gg A, hi A.* Daniel Riding el A, eli A, ma A*, bi A*, ch A*, ph A*, re B, la A, ar A*, hi A.* Mary Riley el B, eli B, ma B, bi A, ch A,ph B, ar A, mu A*; Jacob Woods el A*, eli A*, ma A*, bi A*, ch A*, ph A*, re A*, gg A*, hi A.*