Retired policeman calls for action on 20mph access only Burnley road used as 'rat run' by motorists

A retired policeman says someone could be killed unless action is taken on a 20mph road in Burnley being used as a ‘rat run’ by motorists.

Chris Watson, whose father Fred and brother Doug live in Moseley Road, said the situation is particularly bad on Burney Football Club matchdays.

He said: “Moseley Road is a winding minor road regularly used a rat run by motorists. A recent accident demolished the garden wall of my father’s neighbour.

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"I know it’s a cliche, but someone could end up being killed if action is not taken.”

Damaged garden wall in Moseley Road after an accident

His brother Doug, who has just moved to the street, said that even though Moseley Road has a 20 mph limit there are cars passing regularly that must be doing double that speed, adding: “someone will get seriously hurt if things don’t change soon.”

Their father Fred (76) who has lived there since the 1970s, said traffic had got steadily worse especially during rush hours and school times.

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Fred said: “Making the road access only didn’t change a thing, as no one enforces it. It’s the same with the 20 mph limit, which lots just ignore.

“The road isn’t suitable for that speed as it has sharp, blind bends and god help you if you want to drive against the flow on match days.”

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Damage following an accident in Moseley Road
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Chris added: “I’ve seen first hand how bad the situation is and after the latest event, I contacted the police to get some enforcement, as my dad was shaken up.

“PC Sufyan Arif from Burnley NPT responded and asked me to contact Lancashire County Council (Highways). I’ve now done and await their response. However, 20mph limits and Access Only Roads are the remit of the police and I’m disappointed they aren’t interested in assisting more directly.

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PC Arif said police logs had revealed there had been three road traffic accidents on the road in the last six months and that “these statistics were relatively low compared to other areas in Burnley.”

Chris added: “It might be normal for other areas of Burnley, but I’m massively concerned that three reported incidents in six months on a road which has a 20 mph limit and is designated for residents and legitimate visitors only is a number not worthy of further investigation. Reported accidents are the tip of the iceberg.”