Popular and well known Burnley hairdresser celebrates 20th anniversary in her 'happy place'

Burnley hairdresser Adele Cockcroft was just 22 when she bought her own salon.

And this month marks her 20th year in business. She is celebrating the landmark occasion by doing what she loves....spending the day in the salon with her clients!

"There have been many highs and also many lows over the years, but this is my 'happy place' and I have a real passion for my work," said Adele who is now 42.

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A generous gift of £100 from a grateful client shows just how highly regarded Adele is. Over two decades she has built up a loyal clientele,and many of them have become friends.

Burnley hairdresser Adele Cockcroft is celebrating her 20th year in business

Adele said: "Some of my clients have been with me from when I first started 27 years ago."

Setbacks have included her Lyndhurst Road salon being burgled and vandalised and last year brought what was perhaps the biggest setback of all when Covid-19 forced Adele to close her business for several months.

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Ever a grafter, Adele became a care worker, looking after the most vulnerable in society.

Adele got a job within two days of closing her salon, putting in long shifts helping to take care of the elderly and vulnerable across Burnley, Nelson and Colne.

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Adele (right) with Millie Henderson (left) and client Susan Whitham

Although she admitted it was 'hardest job I have ever done' Adele said she loved working as a carer and built up good relationships with both her employer and the people she looked after. And it made her realise the vital role carers play in society.

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She said: "I absolutely loved doing that job because of the wonderful people I got to meet."

A student at the former Walshaw High School for Girls in Burnley Adele, who, with her fiance Jasper has a six-year-old daughter Emily, studied hairdressing at Nelson and Colne College. She trained separately in barbering, is a qualified teacher and recently passed a course to teach stylists in the art of hair extensions.

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Adele's first job was in a Burnley salon where she learned her trade for seven years and, when the opportunity arose to buy her own business, she took it. Keeping the salon name Fantasia, Adele just added her name to it and the rest is history.

Adele (right) says her employee Millie Henderson is 'like family'
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A self confessed perfectionist Adele will regularly start work at 7am to accommodate her clients and she will still be in the salon 11 hours later, chatty and upbeat.

Over the years she has employed many apprentices and 'Saturday' girls and for the past seven years Millie Henderson (22) has worked for Adele, rising from a work experience student to becoming a fully qualified stylist.

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Adele said: "Millie and I are such a good team, she is like family to me and clients always say coming to the salon is like spending time with friends."