Popular and long established Padiham martial arts club that has taught generations of children facing a fight for survival

The future of a popular martial arts club, that has taught thousands of children over 30 years, is hanging in the balance after lockdown forced it to close its doors.

Like so many other organisations the Padiham Kickboxing and Boxing Club is still having to fork out for rent and other costs even though it is has had to close due to the pandemic.

And while there is enough money in the coffers to pay for February and March rent, which is just under £600, there is a £200 shortfall for April.

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A fundraising appeal has now been launched and instructors at the club have pleaded for the community to rally round to help the long established club stay open. The appeal, which has so far raised £700, was set up by Amanda Sedgwick whose 85-year-old father, Amos, founded the club three decades ago.

The fight is on to save the 30 year old Padiham Kickboxing and Boxing Club from closure

Kickboxing instructor Clive Willshaw said: "Some of the children have been in tears at the thought the club may have to close.

"The club is a big part of the community of Padiham and important to so many people so we really hope that if anyone has any ideas to help us get through this they will come forward."

Clive is a former student who was taught by Amos when he joined the club at the age of nine.

Now 41, he is one of the instructors who give their time free of charge. Clive teaches with fellow kickboxing instructor Mark Dawson and John Golbourn teaches Ju Jitsu. The club is part of the British Budo Federation and is also known as the Kara Jutsu Bushido Academy.

Clive said: "This club means so much to us and we are determined to keep it going."

Catering for youngsters between the ages of seven to 18 from the Padiham, Burnley and Simonstone area, the club also has several adult members.

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This is not the first time it has faced a tough fight as in 2010 it had to find a new home when its former factory headquarters in Ribble Street was demolished to make way for the town's new Tesco store.

Clive added: "We have looked around for other premises but the rent is around the £2,000 mark so out of our reach."

To make a donation to the club's fund raising appeal please click HERE Anyone who would like to offer support or help to the club is asked to visit its facebook page Padiham Kickboxing and Boxing Club