Pendle self-help author is an Amazon bestseller

A Pendle woman's brave personal story of burning out has become an Amazon bestseller.

Thursday, 14th November 2019, 3:11 pm
Deborah Bulcock with her best-selling book
Deborah Bulcock with her best-selling book

Deborah Bulcock (46), who lives in Sough, consistently worked more than 60 hours a week in the financial services industry, but after hitting burnout, embarked on a new path to become a registered nutritional therapist, coach and mentor.

This week, she is celebrating becoming a global bestseller author on the Amazon book charts after the release of her debut book ‘Have it All Without Burning Out’ became a bestseller within hours of its release.

The book, which acts as a guide to help others successfully manage work, life and success whilst avoiding burnout – went straight in at number one on the Amazon bestseller charts in Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Psychology and Educational Training, and Experimental Psychology.

Deborah Bulcock

Deborah said: “I began my career in the financial services industry, where I was fast-tracked to director level. With two business degrees, boundless energy and bundles of ambition, success came quickly.”

However, after years of performing at the height of her ability, working long hours, constantly proving her worth and not having the right support structures or balance in her life, she hit rock bottom and experienced the full force of burnout.

It was February 2012 when Deborah felt the full force of burnout, she found herself paralysed by something, unable and unwilling to move from her bottom step of her home stairs.

She added: “This point was my awakening – I knew I had to take control and look at how I was nourishing my body and mind, along with how I was choosing to live my life. There have been lots of twists and turns as I have navigated this new way of living.

"I now let my intuition guide me rather than being overly-analytical and ‘corporate’ – and that is so refreshing! Just like I did, it’s so important that we all tune in to what’s right for us – what works for your partner, friend, family member, colleague, celebrity, might not be the right avenue for you - understanding yourself is key to avoiding burnout.”

As part of taking control of her own health and wellbeing, Deborah decided to go part-time in her senior role and went back to college in Manchester to study to become a registered nutritional therapist – this took three years and in 2015 she graduated and her new career path was born. This is when Deborah also decided to move out of her city centre pad and relocate back to the country and found a house in the small hamlet she was born, Sough.

“Helping others to thrive in work and life is my passion and coaching is at the heart of everything I do," she said.