Once-prolific Nelson crook with more than 120 offences on his record caught with amphetamine

A one-time prolific crook found with amphetamine on him has been out of trouble for two years.
Burnley Magistraes CourtBurnley Magistraes Court
Burnley Magistraes Court

Burnley magistrates heard how Robert Norris (37) had more than 120 offences on his record but had not been in court since 2017.

The court was told Norris had been arrested and when he was searched the drug was in his possession. He told police he bought the wrap for £10.

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Mr Mark Williams, defending, said Norris accepted he had had a relatively minor relapse back into drug misuse.

He continued: "It's not Class A. The addiction had been in the past. That led to all the offending, but nevertheless it's a controlled drug."

Norris, of Brentwood Road in Nelson, admitted possessing amphetamine in the town, on April 11th. He was given a six-month conditional discharge and was told to pay a £20 victim surcharge.

The chairman of the Bench told him: "We have had a good look at your record, which on initial viewing is poor, but having said that there are no offences since 2017 and this has been a blip."