News of another major housing development for Barrowford sparks renewed flood fears

Residents living in Barrowford fear more houses being built in the area will massively increase the risk of flooding.

The fears have been heightened with news that 250 new homes have been earmarked for Pasture Lane in Barrowford, weeks after Pendle Today reported another 239 new homes were to be built at Trough Laithe in the village.

Concerned resident Jon Anderson said: "The latest development has been been discussed by Barrowford Parish Council, but an application hasn’t actually gone through to Pendle Council as yet.

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"This huge plot of land is directly above the centre of Barrowford. Shops and homes are flooded every year, directly below these fields. If the fields are turned into bricks, mortar and tarmac, then undoubtably people will suffer more in the village with flooding, as more water will be sent down to the centre.

More new houses could be coming to BarrowfordMore new houses could be coming to Barrowford
More new houses could be coming to Barrowford

"During bad storms, the gutters in Gisburn Road surge water, and the river breached last year at Homefield Gardens. The residents from Barrowford have little confidence in Pendle Council, after allowing another 243 new homes to be built at Trough Laithe by Northstone Housing.

"These are being built very close to the river, and again will send more water down to Victory Park area, which gets completely submerged when flooding. Last year, Pendle Sreet and Lowerclough Sreet flooded for the first time, due to flooding at the bottom of Wheatley Lane Road.

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"Wheatley Lane Road has always flooded at the bottom, near St Thomas’s School. The council then approved nine luxury homes to be built there, resulting in more water being sent down to Pendle Street, and with a blockage, flooded many homes.Residents from Pendle Steet and Lowerclough Street fear this could happen every year now."