New Nelson housing development welcomes first tenants

The Priory, Nelson
The Priory, Nelson

A housing development in Nelson has welcomed its first new tenants.

The Priory Chase build began in December 2017 and was completed in May as part of a £4.3m. project, part of a four year plan to build 436 new homes across East Lancashire.

Calico Homes completed work on the project in partnership with Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction, Pendle Borough Council and Homes England.

Lisa Bell, development manager at Calico Homes, said: “This development has been well received within the area and is providing excellent quality affordable housing to the local community.”

Shaban Talib, neighbourhood co-ordinator at Calico Homes, said: “The collaboration between Calico Homes, Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction, the local authority and Homes England has really made a difference to people’s lives. I am really proud of this development and the high quality accommodation it will provide for our customers.”