New Burnley mayor looking forward to representing 'special' town

Burnley's new mayor has praised the town and its people and promised to promote what she believes is a "very special" place.

Thursday, 16th May 2019, 9:46 am
Updated Thursday, 16th May 2019, 10:46 am
Mayor of Burnley Coun. Anne Kelly with her consort, husband John,

Coun. Anne Kelly was installed as the new Mayor during a ceremony at Burnley Town Hall watched by colleagues, friends and family.

Born in Heywood, near Bury, she moved to Briercliffe as a small child and has lived there ever since.

"We moved to Harle Syke when my dad took the job of family doctor in what was then a small village, quite separate from Burnley," said Coun Kelly, who has been a Briercliffe parish councillor for almost 30 years and a borough councillor for 12 years, representing Briercliffe.

Mayor of Burnley Coun. Anne Kelly with her consort, husband John, and their family.

"Until 1974, Harle Syke was part of Burnley Rural District Council and Clitheroe constituency. During my childhood we were part of a very tight village community where everyone knew everyone else. We didn’t see it as being interfering or nosey, we saw it as a natural concern for our community.

"I think the experience of growing up in this environment made us understand how valuable being part of a community and caring about others is.

"I had always wanted to be a teacher and went across the border to the foreign land of Yorkshire to train for three years."

She went on to teach at St James’ Primary School and then Briercliffe Primary School for more than 25 years and as acted as a supply teacher at numerous schools across the borough.

Coun. Kelly has chosen her husband of 44 years, John, to act as her consort.

The couple, who have three children - Jill, Martin and Richard - as well as five grandchildren, have decided to raise money for ELHT and Me, the East Lancashire Hospitals Trust's charity, to provide diagnostic equipment at Burnley General Hospital. They also plan to make a donation to Burnley’s Talking Newspapers.

"I’m passionate about Burnley and Burnley people and I hate to hear Burnley people knocking our town.

"I grant you it isn’t perfect and there are things to do but I think it’s pretty special.

"My consort and I pledge today to promote Burnley and look forward to meeting as many residents as we can."