Nelson remembers town's fallen alongside Muslim festival

Remembrance Sunday was marked with a multi-faith commemoration and celebration in Nelson.
Two young cadets with a poppy wreathTwo young cadets with a poppy wreath
Two young cadets with a poppy wreath

In Nelson, the annual cenotaph service, where the town's fallen from the two world wars are remembered, coincided with the Muslim festival of Mawlid al Nabi (birth of the Prophet).

The Muslim march through parts of Nelson arrived at the central mosque for prayers where Mike Sutcliffe, from the Pendle Armed Forces Support Group, and Rev. Guy Jamieson from St Paul's and St Mary's churches, were invited to speak to the congregation.

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Rev. Jamieson said: "We were able to share in a day of commemoration and celebration in a unique expression of neighbourliness born of global, historical traditions living and working side by side.


"For several hours on Remembrance Sunday, on the doorsteps, on the streets, in the mosque and at the cenotaph, conversations were shared, traditions were celebrated, commemorations were observed, and the result was a tangible vibrancy, enthusiasm and community togetherness.

"We were reminded of the countless numbers of Muslims who sacrificed their lives in the same cause of freedom, and of the shared traditions of hospitality exchanged throughout the year by Christians and Muslims.

"After this, there was a shared march to the cenotaph for the Christian act of remembrance and Imam Muhammad Abdal Rahman spoke movingly about our shared humanity, something made all the more beautiful when we consider the sacrifice made by so many in the course of two world wars in order that the same humanity might flourish."

Rev. Jamieson himself spoke of the shared convictions in the power of 'Remembrance' and the way of life known as 'Covenant' which together are building blocks of peace.