My Burnley: Joe Hanson director and co founder of Hanson and Cole Property Investments Ltd thinks Burnley has a bright future

This week’s ‘My Burnley’ is young entrepreneur Joe Hanson. Success was always on the cards for Joe when his ‘Saturday’ job at the age of 17 was working for an estate agency showing potential buyers round new homes. At 21 the former Blessed Trinity RC College pupil was working as a full time sales negotiator and valuer with an estate agents. And just a year ago he launched his own company, Hanson and Cole Property Investments Ltd, with his business partner Josh Cole.
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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Joe Hanson, I am 23 years old and director and co-founder of Hanson & Cole Property Investments Ltd.

How long have you lived/worked in Burnley?

Successful young property developer Joe Hanson says it's a shame more people are not aware of the great things happening in BurnleySuccessful young property developer Joe Hanson says it's a shame more people are not aware of the great things happening in Burnley
Successful young property developer Joe Hanson says it's a shame more people are not aware of the great things happening in Burnley

I have lived and worked in the Burnley area for my entire life. I started my working life by doing quite a lot of viewings and selling new build properties in Burnley and surrounding areas for Petty's Estate Agents before I went to work for Keenan's Estate Agency when I was 20 years old. I did one year there before I left and set up Hanson & Cole with my business partner Joshua Cole.

Why did you choose to live/stay/work in Burnley?

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Both myself and Josh have a love for the town and are very familiar with every area. We have fantastic knowledge around the area's, incoming government backed investment into the town, and pride ourselves on being able to give somebody the ‘low down’ on what is happening. That goes hand in hand with what we do, we are able to explain to clients from all over the world why they should spend their hard earned money on properties in Burnley and the surrounding areas. Usually, it's the distressed properties that our clients are interested in which is great because it means that there is one less empty/ dilapidated property on the street, and we can use our team of tradesmen to get that to a great rental standard and put it back out the community to provide affordable housing. This does wonders for the town, because not only does it dispose of an eyesore, it helps increase the overall value of properties in the area. It is very rewarding to know that we are able to help people struggling to find rental accomodation, whether it's because of supply or the standard, and that we are putting good quality housing back into the community.

What do you think are the best parts of the town?

One of the best parts of the town for me is the town centre. It's come on leaps and bounds over the years and with one of the most recent developments ‘Pioneer Place’ being built, this is really going to encourage people who may be out of the area to travel to the town. That should increase footfall and help local businesses continue thriving through these challenging times. You have great places to eat, drink, shop and just a short drive away the expansion of UCLAN which is bringing young professionals to the town and encouraging great housing to be built for them. The town centre has had a lot of money spent on it over the years and, from what I can see, it is just getting better and better.

Is there anything you dislike about Burnley?

One thing I don't like is the stigma and preconceived ideas people tend to have about Burnley. I think the media has always portrayed Burnley to be this dark, deprived, dingy town somewhere in the North where it always rains and nothing really goes on. Yet there are countless new build developments that are creating fantastic areas for people to live, lots of investment into the expansion of the university, general improvements to the infrastructure of the town, leisure facilities and well known chains coming into the town creating jobs. the list goes on. There is so much good happening here, it's just a shame that more people don't know about it. I relish the opportunity to shout about all the fantastic things that are going on.

How would you describe Burnley to a visitor who has never been here before?

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I think the first word that comes to mind is memorable. You'll find people from all walks of life, different backgrounds and a community spirit that you'll struggle to find anywhere else. It's the sort of place where passersby will say hello to each other despite never meeting before. The entire town came together to celebrate Burnley's promotion into the Premier League- a day that certainly will not be forgotten. But for anyone who hasn't been to Burnley, you should definitely visit- you can be in and amongst the hustle and bustle, or out in the countryside enjoying the scenery- there is a place here for everyone.

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