Mosque and cathedral visits helps Burnley schoolchildren to embrace religion in two different forms

Two different places of worship were visited by year four pupils from a Burnley primary school.

Tuesday, 7th May 2019, 3:58 pm
The pupils at the entrance to the cathedral.

As part of a unit of work on religion the children from Holy Trinity Primary were asked to look at two contrasting places of worship and why they are special to those who pray there.

So the children visited Jaame Masjid Mosque and Blackburn Cathedral.

They had tours of both places before they were given the opportunity to ask questions.

Children from Holy Trinity Primary School in Burnley during their visit to Blackburn Cathedral

They learned the difference between a cathedral and a church and that in a mosque a minaret is there to perform the call to prayer and act as a symbol of Islam and a dome is a symbolic representation of heaven.

The children and staff found the day very interesting and thanked both places of worship for welcoming them and making the day so enjoyable.

Students outside the Jaame MasjidMosque in Blackburn.