Lancashire Women to launch online pet cafe to inspire a change in self-care

A new therapy programme inspired by pets will bring together women in a new online initiative launched by charity Lancashire Women.
Lancashire Women charity will launch new online pet cafeLancashire Women charity will launch new online pet cafe
Lancashire Women charity will launch new online pet cafe

The online Pet Cafe is a new therapeutic online group, offering a women only space to share and explore the benefits of pets, in particular the joy and positivity they can bring to life.

Starting on online platform Zoom on Monday July 27 at 11 am, the 'cafe' will run for five weeks, participants will need to book their place, following which they will be given a time slot to have a chat with one of our therapists who will give them all the details and support they need to access the group.

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A spokesperson for the Lancashire Women charity said: "We know that pets can help us to see things from a different perspective – they can give us that much needed ‘get up and go’ and we also know that sharing such positivity in itself enhances our lives and makes us feel better."

The group, with their pets, will be exploring tools and techniques to support well-being. There will be a focus on self-care and compassion, looking at how individuals can indulge themselves with the same care and attention they provide their pets.

The spokesperson added: "You may have heard of the five ways to well-being – well we at Lancashire Women believe that Pets might just be the sixth – and counsellor Do-Little and her beloved Springador Geffrey are here to share their knowledge and experience to help you to Do-Less and De-stress."

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