Lancashire Mind during Men’s Health Week: 'Speaking up shows great strength'

Mental health charity Lancashire Mind are encouraging men to prioritise their mental health as well as their physical health during Men’s Health Week.

Lancashire Mind
Lancashire Mind

With around one in eight men in England living with mental health issues and suicide being the leading cause of death for men under 50, the charity is highlighting the importance for men to understand and look after their mental health and well-being, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Approximately 75% of suicides in England are men, while in Lancashire suicide rates among men are much higher than the national average at 18.2% compared to the 14.9% for the country as a whole with Lancashire Mind's CEO Tommy McIlravey pointing out that men can find it harder to speak openly about mental health partly due to erroneous views that doing so makes people weak.

“Facing up to mental health issues is a great strength," said Tommy. “We want to stand up for men across Lancashire and show that Lancashire Mind are here to support them and that resources and help are available should they or anyone they know need it.

"We want to encourage men to have a conversation about mental health to break down the stigma and barriers surrounding it," he added. "We have many resources available on our website to help people start those conversations and I’d encourage everyone to have a look.”


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