Kind Sabden schoolboy's one-month marathon fundraising mission to combat homelessness

A 10-year-old boy who was moved by the plight of a homeless man outside a supermarket is taking part in another fundraising challenge.

Thomas Wilson has began the Step Forward Challenge where he is running 26 miles in a month to raise money for Crisis, the national charity for homeless people.

His marathon mission started at the beginning of March and he's been completing some runs on the treadmill while others outdoors. Although he had an initial target of raising £150, he has so far had an impressive £600 in donations towards his worthwhile cause.

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The pupil of St Mary's RC Primary School, in Sabden, is no stranger to raising money for charity. Last year, he met a homeless man called Dean outside a supermarket while out shopping with his mum, Clare. They spoke with Dean every time they went shopping and even provided him with food and coffee. Dean's story about how he came to be on the streets inspired Thomas to run a half-marathon to raise funds for homeless charity Crisis. And this year he's going one step further and running a whole marathon to raise money in his mission to end homelessness.

Thomas Wilson is running to raise cash for homeless charity Crisis

Thomas said: "I took part in the Step Forward for homelessness challenge last year. I wanted to do something to help people like Dean so we found the challenge online. I raised over £1,000. I often think about how Dean is doing and hope he has been okay during the pandemic. I wanted to take part again to raise more money for Crisis, and this year I have doubled my target distance to do a full marathon distance over this month. I'm really happy to be taking part again."

His proud mother, Clare, added: "All the family are so proud that Thomas wanted to do this challenge again. He's so big-hearted and determined. He tends to run after school and at weekends, it’s easier after school now the evenings are getting lighter. His school have been a huge support and source of encouragement to him with this challenge and last year too. We hope that he not only raises lots of money for the charity, but raises awareness of the issues surrounding homelessness too."

Anyone wishing to support Thomas and make a donation towards his cause are asked to CLICK HERE