Kashmir debated at Pakistan Independence Day celebrations in Brierfield

Choudhry Aslam Javed presented with his award
Choudhry Aslam Javed presented with his award

Pakistan Independence Day celebrations were well attended at an event in Brierfield.

The Burnley and Pendle Friends League organised the 72nd annual celebration at St Luke's Parish Hall, Brierfield.

The celebration was presided by former councillor Abdul Aziz and stage managed by Mian Abdul Hamid.

The celebration commenced following a traditional recitation from The Holy Qur'an and Naat by Fyzan Faisal, before the national anthem of Pakistan was played by VB Media on a cinematic wide screen erected for the purpose.

Malik Zaman recited moving and invigorating poems he had written on the plight and cause of the Kashmiri people followed by Saghir Ahmed, chairman of BPFL, who welcomed everyone and expressed his views on the state of Pakistan and Kashmir, while religious counsellor Haji Rehmat Khan in his opening remarks provided an outline of the day.

Choudhry Aslam Javed, former councillor and VB Media managing director Mahboob Ahmed, Coun. Raja Arif Khan, former councillor Manzur Hussain, and former Pendle Mayor Nawaz Ahmed all spoke about the present situation in Kashmir.

Pakistan Tehrik Insaf (PTI) representative from Manchester, Choudhry Mohammed Nawaz spoke passionately on the outstanding achievement of the current PTI Government so far, led by the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Choudhry Mohammed Aslam Bandalvi, a British Kashmiri himself, spoke in some length on the present situation prevailing in Kashmir, emphasising the recent UN Security Council meeting and its report on Kashmir which was very critical of India.

BPFL general secretary Mozaquir Ali said: "The world seem to be turning a blind eye on the situation in Kashmir as it has done in the past 72 years. The famous saying eye for an eye makes the world blind, I say to the world turning a blind eye equally will make you blind.

Guest of honour Pendle MP and Minister of State for Africa at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Andrew Stephenson said: "I made notes of the strong sentiments and feelings expressed by all the speakers today and all the people that wrote to me, called at my surgeries and those who wrote to me with their views on Kashmir.

"I will see the minister concerned, Tariq Ahmed, who is of Pakistani origin himself, first thing following the opening of Parliament and make sure all those concerns are noted and taken into consideration by the Government."

The celebration was concluded by Abdul Aziz who offered a vote of thanks to all speakers and everyone for attending. He expressed his appreciation to VB Media for stage management, visual presentation of videos based on Pakistan and the sound systems.

A community award was presented to Choudhry Aslam Javed for his service to the community for over 40 years.