Information for funeral access to Burnley Crematorium when year-long road closure kicks in

Burnley Crematorium. Google Streetview
Burnley Crematorium. Google Streetview

Concerns that the planned year-long closure of the main road leading to Burnley Crematorium could cause major disruption to funerals has been eased by Burnley Borough Council.

News that the western side of Accrington Road will be closed for a year from November 4th to allow improvement works to be carried out caused panic among families and funeral directors over future access to the crematorium, which handles more funerals in Burnley than anywhere else.

However, Burnley Borough Council, which is responsible for the crematorium, has now written to funeral directors, to confirm that access through the front entrance will still be available for funeral parties arriving from the eastern (Network 65) side, while access from the west (Rossendale Road) will come via Cemetery Lane.

In a letter to funeral directors, the council's head of green spaces Simon Goff, said: "We are liaising with Lancashire County Council to minimise the disruption to funeral services. However, the works will affect the route that is taken to the crematorium as follows:

"Funerals arriving via the Network 65 roundabout will still be able to access the main entrance to the crematorium/cemetery on Accrington Road and exit via the same route, towards Network 65.

"Funerals arriving from the east, i.e. via Kidrow Lane, Accrington Road and Rossendale Road, will access the crematorium via Cemetery Lane. A one-way system will operate on the section through the cemetery.

"We are pressing LCC to put parking restrictions at top and bottom of Cemetery Lane, and a ‘Keep Clear’ box on junction with Rossendale Road. LCC will be providing additional signage.