How cancer charity Mummy's Star helped Billinge mum through her pregnancy

When Jenny Moss, of Billinge, near Wigan, was experiencing breathlessness and was unable to eat, she put the symptoms down to being pregnant.
Jenny Moss with her baby Molly HopeJenny Moss with her baby Molly Hope
Jenny Moss with her baby Molly Hope

As the 40-year-old was unable to cope with her pregnancy, her baby, Molly Hope Moss, who is now three years old, was induced but still her symptoms persisted.After open surgery to remove some of her twisted bowel, she was dealt the devastating blow that she had terminal cancer.

Jenny says: “I was really poorly during pregnancy. I had lost a lot of weight and my blood levels had dropped and I had a blood transfusion. “I was quite breathless and had no energy and I got to the point where I could not take it anymore. My baby was induced three weeks early and I lost a lot of blood then.“After I gave birth, I still couldn’t eat and I was still in pain. Doctors said I was still constipated after giving birth and sent me home.“One day I was in so much pain I started vomiting and I phoned an ambulance. “Doctors said I had a twisted bowel and I had an operation. After five days, I was still unable to go to the toilet and I started being sick. I needed open surgery and after eight hours I woke up with a stoma bag as some of my bowel had been removed.“I got the results 10 days later that I had stage three bowel cancer and it was terminal. “I felt so sick and was in shock. It was terrible.“My husband Mike was going to register Molly’s birth at the time, so we named her Molly Hope, in the hope things would get better for us.”The mother-of-four began chemotherapy two months later and found support in the form of Mummy’s Star.

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Mummy's Star helps pregnant women across Lancashire as they deal with cancer
Jenny Moss in hospitalJenny Moss in hospital
Jenny Moss in hospital
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Jenny is still receiving treatment as her condition is getting progressively worse.She adds: “I am terrible now, I am on palliative chemotherapy as the cancer has grown in places. I had a massive liver operation and that was quite traumatic as I ended up in specialist care for 10 days.“My lungs collapsed and I developed an infection which is chronic. I have also suffered hair loss, which affects my confidence.”

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