'Grave concerns' over plans to partially demolish former pub Langroyd Hall

Langroyd HallLangroyd Hall
Langroyd Hall
Neighbours living near to one of Pendle's most historic pubs have objected to plans which would see part of it demolished.

As reported by Leaders Times Newspapers last month, Langroyd Hall is the subject of a planning application which would see it converted into a centre for vulnerbale adults.

If passed, the plan would see the partial demolition of the popular former pub and carvery, which dates back to the 17th Century.

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However, neighbour Ann Williams, who lives in the Coach House opposite the Grade II listed hall, said she had grave concerns over the development.

She said: "While we are glad that finally the hall is to be restored after many months of being without a roof we have great concerns as detailed here.

"We live in a Grade II listed barn directly in front of the hall, which is one of four barn developments, which were once the farm buildings for the hall.

At a gathering of residents before Christmas we discussed the proposed development and neighbours also voiced concerns, some of whom had not been informed of the plans.

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"Firstly we have grave concerns about the scale and mass of the project. Building D, a three storey high building in particular. The gable end of that building is just a few yards from our fence and we feel that this building will be very imposing for all the back gardens of the four barns, especially as the developers want to cut down all the trees on this border.

"This building runs the full length of the north bank of the site and would block off the view of the hall from Langroyd Country Park, one of the iconic views of Colne.

"Building C is very close to our fence and the trees, which give us privacy, are being cut down. We are unsure that the trees are fire damaged and each year a lovely copper beech tree fills the autumn landscape with its colours."

Mrs Williams also raised concerns over whether nearby trees would be cut down as part of the development and the issue over who owns the land between their fence and the Langroyd Fence, and whether the new buildings would be sympathetic to the hall.

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The owner of Langroyd Hall was prosecuted by Pendle Council last November.

Leicester based EH Capital 1 Ltd pleaded guilty at Burnley Magistrates’ Court on November 21st for unlawfully removing roof slates and a stone lantern finial in April this year.

It was fined £1,200 and ordered to pay the council’s prosecution costs.

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