GCSE students have their sights set on top careers

A throng of Year 11 students from Shuttleworth College are eyeing up stellar careers as they sit their GCSEs with a view of reaching the very top.

Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 3:22 pm
Shuttleworth high flyers

Straight-A student Henry Kane, who wants to do a PHD and is an aspiring NASA astrophysicist, said: “I have always been fascinated by space.”

Gabriella Tuff, who says she isn’t afriad of a little hard work, wants to go to Burnley College and be a research scientist, admitting, “I haven’t yet decided whether to research diseases or space,” while mathmetician, Ted Williams, claims he is ‘fascinated by numbers and theories’.

STEM-award winning Kira Hencher is aiming to be a surgeon, while Mehreen Asif, who is intrigued by criminal law, and Katie Barson, a budding barrister who insists, “I would like to make money!”, are heading for courtroom careers at Blackburn and Burnley Colleges respectively.

Head boy Declan McCluskey - a Padiham U16s defender - and head girl Anya Gillett are on track to undertake Sport BTECs at Burnley College, with Anya keen on being a physiotherapist or a PE teacher.