Fundraiser launched for residents of a Heysham street after a deadly suspected gas explosion

A go fund me page set up for residents of Mallowdale Avenue in Heysham after a deadly suspected gas explosion has raised over £13k in a few hours.

Early this morning a suspected gas explosion rocked the street in Heysham in which a child sadly died and four people were injured.

In response to this, a go fund me page has been set up to help the residents.

Heather Brandwood who set up the fundraising page, said on go fund me: "We have woken up to the truly devastating news of what has happened on Mallowdale Avenue and our immediate thoughts are with the families involved and their friends and neighbours. There is no replacing what has been lost, and the devastation has been felt by us all.

A go fund me page has been launched to help residents of Mallowdale Avenue in Heysham after a deadly suspected gas explosion rocked the street.


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"To those on Mallowdale Avenue who have lost their homes, or who have currently been displaced from them for their own safety, you are welcome to join us at the Hurley Flyer - don't worry about the next few days for your meals, we will happily look after you whilst you make further arrangements and gather your thoughts. Please call us or message the pub directly so we can reserve you a space.

"We would like to invite the scene first responders for food and drinks as they work relentlessly to look after those involved and make the area safe for other families. If you can't get to us, please call us and we will bring supplies to you.

"Now, to the people of Morecambe, we need you.... your neighbours need you. We will be doing a collection of new clothes and toiletries for the families involved - no-one should have to think about the basics at a time like this.

"If you are from one of the houses involved, please message us if you have size requirements and we will advertise.


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"We have also set up a go fund me for the families of those whose homes have been lost with all donations to be split with them equally.

"Please give generously. We are sure every penny will be appreciated by those families involved."

To donate visit here