Find my "medical mystery" son a nursery plea by heartbroken mum

The mum of a toddler described as a 'medical mystery' has made an emotional appeal to find a nursery place for her son.

Thursday, 9th March 2017, 2:41 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:37 am
Claire Cassidy, who is appealing for a nursery place for her son Kyle who has proved to be a "medical mystery" to doctors.
Claire Cassidy, who is appealing for a nursery place for her son Kyle who has proved to be a "medical mystery" to doctors.

Claire Cassidy was left heartbroken when a nursery in Colne said it would not be able to take on her son Kyle due to his medical problems.

Now Claire and her husband Mark are pinning their hopes on another nursery offering 19-month-old Kyle a place to give him the same start in life as any other child.

Claire, of North Street, Colne, said: “I want to raise awareness that disabled children should be given the same chances in life as any other child.

“Kyle is a beautiful, loving, bright little boy and he deserves to go to nursery and then to school like any other child.

“It was devastating for Kyle to be turned down and that is why I have decided to speak out.”

The tot is a mystery to medics who have run several tests to find out what is wrong with him, only for each test to come back as normal.

He was born with a cleft palette, which doctors managed to correct, but at three weeks old he was diagnosed with hypotonia which is also known as “floppy baby syndrome” which means the muscles are weak.

He has reduced core strength which has delayed his walking although he can crawl and walks around holding onto furniture. T

The blue-eyed tot has to be fed through a port in his stomach and he can only take a certain amount of fluid daily. He also occasionally suffers from seizures.

Claire (31) said: “We just want doctors to find out what is wrong with Kyle so we know what we are dealing with and where we can go from here.

“They have said it is not life threatening but not knowing what is wrong with him is very frustrating.”

Mark (24) acts as Kyle’s full-time carer and the couple also have a six-year-old son Luke.

Mark said: “Kyle is a really loving and affectionate little boy. He is small for his age and behind in his development in all areas.

“But he has been having speech therapy and can say a few words like such mama, dada and hiya.”

Kyle has been treated at hospitals in Blackburn, Burnley and Manchester and specialists are monitoring his development.

Claire said: “That is all they can do at the moment and we just have to wait and hope for answers.

“It does put pressure on us as a family and a lot of attention has to be focused on Kyle but thankfully I have family around me who are caring and supportive and that is a big help.”