Egg-cellent Burnley primary school children hatch baby chicks

Embarking on a new learning topic centred around growth and change, young reception students at a Burnley primary school have hatched chicks in an incubator, caring and writing stories about their new friends.
The students with the chicks.The students with the chicks.
The students with the chicks.

On Tuesday last week, Reedley Primary School pupils welcomed what would soon turn out to be a very special delivery. Opening the package, they found nine eggs in an incubator and a brooding box which would soon home the new-born chicks.

As the children were having a guess at what baby animals could be inside the eggs, they began to hatch, with the students thrilled to find that they had a new set of nine chicks to care for, changing their bedding and helping to give them fresh water and food. For many, it was their first glimpse of the first stage of the circle of life.

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Having enjoyed caring for the new-born chicks so much, the children have been inspired to write about them, with Aminah, Hafeez, Aleeza, Eliyah, Fatimah, Abdul-Rahim, and Awais all penning their own stories about the animals which their teacher, Mrs Claire King, has called "fantastic".

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