DJs from Burnley and Pendle back behind their beloved decks as lockdown gives internet radio station new lease of life

'Music is life itself' said the legendary jazz musician Louis Armstrong.

Thursday, 10th December 2020, 3:45 pm

And how relevant has that become in 2020 when live music in clubs, pubs, theatres and festivals has been silenced due to to Covid-19?

But lockdown has been the perfect time for an internet based radio station, that left the airwaves in 2015, to start up again.

Konflict Radio has been something of a godsend for many people and now looks set to continue broadcasting for as long as listeners tune in.

Burnley DJs Ants Kolatis and Nathyan Sudderick

Originally started in 2009 by JayTee Taylor and his wife Zoe when he moved from the Midlands to Colne, Konflict Radio was the antidote to commercial radio that wasn't catering for a huge portion of music lovers.

Jay Tee, who is a regular performer at the Colne Blues Festival, said: "We decided to set up an internet based radio station that had no restrictions on the music policy, and completely free for the DJ's and listeners to enjoy.

"We gathered quite a large roster of DJs from across the country, including a lot of local talent from Lancashire."

"We ran for around six years before we decided to call it a day, due to life commitments and not being able to find the time to run it properly."

DJ Craig Woolstencroft at the decks for Konflict Radion

Jaytee was asked many times if he would consider taking to the airwaves once again and when the first lockdown was announced in March it seemed like the right moment for Konflict Radio to return.

Jaytee said: " It just seemed like the perfect opportunity to rebuild the community, and keep the local music lovers connected with the DJ's that they loved going out to see play before the lockdown.

"We put the feelers out online for any DJ's wanting to broadcast, and the response was brilliant.

"We had DJs wanting to play all styles of music from Jazz, Soul, Funk, Reggae, House, African, Reggae, HipHop, Drum and Bass and jungle to soundtracks, library music and Indie, with the majority now all from the Lancashire area."

DJs Jaytee and Sir Abraham

Jaytee said the response since Konflict re-started has been 'phenomenal' and the DJs are grateful they can play to a crowd and their fan base.

There are now around 25 DJs, who are all based in Burnley, Colne and Hebden Bridge. There are regular shows every night, plus all weekend, and each DJ hosts a two hour set live from their own home.

They include resident Beat Herder DJs Chris Holt, Frazer, Peach and Ticker Le Punk who host the Trash Manor stage at the Ribble Valley festival. Well known Burnley DJs Ants Kolatis, Nathyan Sudderick, Craig Woolstencroft and Kenny Kaos also have their own shows on Konflict. Any DJs who wish to join the station are also more than welcome.

Craig said: "As we have had to do this all virtually the technical side has been quite complicated and tricky to set up, but we have managed to overcome that and it really is fantastic how it has evolved.

DJ Chris Holt has a regular show on Konflict Radio

"All the DJ give their own time and the radio station is free."

The station, which can be accessed on its website, has attracted listeners from around the world, including Indonesia, America and Sweden and a major element is the chatroom where people can connect with fellow music lovers.

Describing Konflict Radio as 'one great big family' Jaytee said: "The main thing that we wanted to achieve was to bring everybody together via their love of music in these very testing times, and I think we have achieved that.

"I hope it has made the covid situation just a tiny bit better for everyone involved.

"We are going to keep running the community for as long as people want it."