Devastated owner of missing Burnley dog makes heartfelt appeal for her safe return

The devastated owner of a chihuahua, that went missing from her home in Burnley over a week ago, has made a heartfelt appeal for her safe return.

Monday, 15th April 2019, 3:51 pm
Updated Monday, 15th April 2019, 3:54 pm
Have you seen Dotty? Her owner is desperate to get her back after she went missing nine days ago from her home in Burnley.

Although there has been a couple of reported sightings of eight-and-a-half month old Dotty, she is still missing after she vanished from her home in Rosegrove nine days ago.

And her owner, Toni Heaton, is desperate to bring her home and is offering a reward for information leading to Dotty's safe return.

She said: "Dotty just vanished into thin air.

Toni Heaton is offering a reward for the safe return of her pet chihuahua Dotty.

"She was in the house and my mum was cooking in the kitchen with the back door to the garden open. She turned round and Dotty had vanished."

Toni believes that Dotty was either stolen or she has wandered into the street and someone has picked her up adding: "She doesn't really like being outdoors and she doesn't like the cold either.

"She won't walk on the cold kitchen floor, she has to stand on my slippers.

"She is a timid little dog and she loves being pampered. I would recognise her immediately in a line up of similar dogs.

"We love her, she is part of our family and I just want her home."

An appeal on social media received 3,500 shares and Toni, who lives with her son, Brendan (16) has also been trawling the streets of Burnley in a bid to find Dotty.

A care worker at Towneley House residential home in Burnley, Toni said her manager had been very understanding and even helped with the search for Dotty who is microchipped and spayed.

She added: "I have contacted every vet and animal shelter in the area to make them aware of Dotty and I have been ringing them daily for any news."

The tiny pet is unusual looking as she is a ginger/reddish colour which is quite rare. She also has brown eyes, that are not prominent, which is usually the case with this breed and she also has a brown nose.

Anyone with information about Dotty is asked to contact Toni on 07710486062.