Cooking tips and recipe ideas from former Burnley care home cook and talented baker aim to help families put food on the table as cost of weekly food shop rockets

We are all feeling the pinch as prices rises continue to hit us in the pocket.

With food prices on the up a former Burnley care home cook has dug out her recipe book to show how you can feed a family a delicious meal for around £5 or £6.

Hazel Wilkinson, who was a cook for around 12 years, believes that planning meals for the week is the key to success when it comes to being organised and write a meal planner.

Now 74 and retired, Hazel also spent 10 years working as a childminder. As one of seven, she became used to helping her mum cook meals for the family as a teenager.

And she still loves cooking and baking for her family, including her husband Eric, two daughters and four grandchildren, and one of their particular favourites is her cheese and onion pie.

Today we are featuring Hazel’s pasta bolognaise dish which serves four to five and costs £6.

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