Colne dog muck patrol flags up the problem

A team of volunteers in Colne have got together to tackle the scourge of dog muck in their community.

Tuesday, 23rd April 2019, 11:52 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd April 2019, 12:04 pm
Some of the volunteers and their flags

The team of volunteers at Waterside Action Group led by chairman Alice Mann are launching a "flag it up" campaign to highlight the scale of the problem.

Fed up with the amount of dog muck they see during their weekly green space litter-pick, the team decided to highlight the sheer scale of the problem caused by a handful of anti-social dog owners.

WAG are taking a stand by finding every piece of dog poo in the green spaces they litter-pick, and planting a flag in each one.

During the first action on the green space behind Laithe Street and Knotts Lane, Colne, the team put up 200 flags before running out without finishing. Local dog owners (with poo bags) approached the team to ask what they were doing and blamed just a tiny handful of residents for blighting the area.

Volunteer Liz Hurley said: “We place the flags next to the dollops, photograph them and then send the evidence to the cleansing department at the council and demand a clear up. The flags are then removed and stored in disinfectant to be used the following week at a new location.”

Alice and Liz said they would like to see the company that Pendle Council employ to deal with litter and dog poo patrolling these areas to keep them clean once they have been cleaned up by the council cleansing department.

The team hope that as well as highlighting the scale of the problem it will prick the conscience of the minority of dog walkers whose dogs cause the problem and persuade them to act more responsibly.